TONIGHT: Twitter Chat on ELLs with the International Literacy Association

Tonight, I’ll be participating in a “twitter chat” about ELLs and literacy with the International Literacy Association (#ILAchat  I wanted to offer some more detailed answers to go along with the 140-character tidbits I’ll be tweeting out. Follow @ingridobrien on Twitter around 8 pm Eastern tonight.

Here’s a peek at some of the topics I’ll be covering:

  • What’s the big deal about learning to read in a new language?
  • Does first-language literacy help or hurt ELLs?
  • How do listening, speaking, reading, and writing relate to each other in ELL literacy?
  • What can I put in my classroom to help my ELLs?
  • What can I start doing tomorrow to help my ELLs?
  • What should I start doing long-term to help my ELLs?

See you tonight!


Published by

Ingrid O'Brien

I am a literacy consultant, doctoral candidate, and educator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in the language and literacy development of bilingual children, particularly ELLs in the Common Core. I coach teachers, design & adapt curricula for ELLs, and organize intervention programs.

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